Well, here we are. Musings, rants, and commentary. I'm underqualified and overcaffinated, so sit tight.

                Rantish article on the stupidy of all this community vs. community junk. Can't we all just map together?

               A look at how H.P. Lovecraft influenced the start of gaming today, and how his philosophies meld with those of fast-paced action. As it is in the Wikipedia, it is open source and free to all substantial edits.

  • Metagaming in Quake (By Jehar)
               A series of articles dealing with the psychological aspects of deathmatch, along with a healthy dose of Sun Tzu.

Part 1 - The Environment
Part 2 - The "Zone"

Part 3 - When to Attack
Part 4 - Attitudes
Part 5 - Slumps

            Essay done for scholastic purposes, but I think other people could get some use out of it as well.

            Some musings on where level design is going as an art medium, and how realism may be fading away.

            An attempt to define different characteristics of realism in level design.